Thursday, July 11, 2013


Welcome to the place where PSST members can read about and discuss what makes Houston great. As the social chair two terms ago, I teased this blog as a possibility. My second election to the position in May afforded me a second chance to deliver on my promise. Patience grasshopper.

I have no idea what this space will become. I anticipate/hope that fellow members will contribute their "favorite" and "best of" lists, along with ideas for things to do and see in Space City. Perhaps this page can also provide referrals for plumbers, contractors, lawn care, pet boarding facilities, vets and medical specialists, since we all need some combination of those people in our lives.

I am thrilled to debut this additional resource, but I need your help and varying areas of expertise to keep it going.

First up, a column any new Houston resident should appreciate ... a look at my 28 favorite restaurants.

Please e-mail me with your ideas and feedback or leave a comment below.

Robert Kleeman
Social Chair
Professionally Speaking Singles Toastmasters

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